History of the State of Pakistan Government and Economic System

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History of the State of Pakistan Government and Economic System

History of the State of Pakistan Government and Economic System – Islamic Republic of Pakistan, or what is called Pakistan, is a country located on the continent of Asia, precisely on the southern continent of Asia.

Pakistan is also one of the sixth most populous countries in the world with a population of 201,995,540, and almost all of the population adheres to Islam, which is 96.4% of the total population.

Because Pakistanis are predominantly Muslim, so Islam is the official religion that has its capital in Islamabad.

The name Pakistan was first coined by Choudhary Rahmat Ali which is interpreted as pure land in urdu and persian languages, Pakistan if separated in discussing urdu like pak which means pure while the booth is interpreted as land or land.

History of the State of Pakistan The Government And Its Economy System

And a Pakistani Muslim Pakistani nationalist in which this person fought for the formation of a Pakistani state called Choudhari Rahmat ali, if there were no such people there would be no country called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

And the system of government adopted by Pakistan is a parliamentary federal republic system, with the government system being led by a president who is indirectly elected by the presidential election agency for a five-year term and can be re-elected.

The Presidential Election Institute consists of members of the senate, national assembly and provincial assembly, while the Head of Government is the Prime Minister who is elected by the Pakistan National Assembly once every 5 years.

Pakistan In Its Economy

In the economic field, Pakistan has a gross domestic income of US $ 988.2 billion, an industry that supports this country with a per capita income of US $ 5,100, – in 2006.

Among them are the textile and apparel industry there are also food processing industries, famarsi, paper products, construction materials, and fertilizers, and there are also results that are produced by Pakistan besides those mentioned above.

Such as sugar cane, cotton, fruits, gums, eggs, vegetables, milk, goats and cows.

For more details, I will provide a profile about the country of Pakistan, so you can know more clearly.

Full Name: Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Local name: Pakistani Islamic Jamhuryat
Form of Government: Parliamentary Federal Republic
Head of State: President Mamnoon HUSSAIN (since 9 September 2013)
Head of Government: Interim Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan ABBASI (since 1 August 2017); replace former Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz SHARIF who resigned on 28 July 2017.
Capital: Islamabad
Area: 796,095 km2
Total Population: 201,995,540 inhabitants (2016)
Population Growth: 1.45% (2016)
Birth Rate: 22.3 babies per 1000 population (2016)
Ethnic / Ethnic Groups: Punjabi 44.7%, Pashtun (Pathan) 15.4%, Sindhi 14.1%, Sariaki 8.4%, Muhajirs 7.6%, Balochi 3.6%, other ethnicities 6.3%
Official Languages: Urdu and English
Religion: Islam 96.4%, other religions 3.6%
Currency: Pakistani Rupee (PKR)
National Day: March 23, 1940 (Pakistan Day, also called Pakistan Resolution Day or Republic Day)
Independence Day: August 14, 1947 (from England)
National Anthem: “Qaumi Tarana” (National Anthem)
Internet Domain Code: .pk
Telephone Code: 92
Per capita income: US $ 5,100. (2016)
Nominal Gross Domestic Income: US $ 988.2 billion (2016)
Location: Asia (South Asia)

The above is the profile of the country of Pakistan according to the research I got from clear information.

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