Browse a Little About Pakistani Traditional Clothing

Updated : Mar 10, 2020 in Fashion

Browse a Little About Pakistani Traditional Clothing

Browse a Little About Pakistani Traditional Clothing – Salwar Kameez is one of the typical Pakistani traditional clothes worn by men and women, this clothing was actually first worn in the countries of Afghanistan and Punjabi or Pakistan and North India.

Salwar Kameez first appeared in the 12th century in the Isalam or Iranian eras and was followed by Mughai emperors in the area that we now call punjabi, wide salwar kameez pants at the top and small at the bottom of the chaak or hem hem open below the waist line to make it easier to move.

And while the clothes are kameez or gamiz which come from the Arabic robe, and there are two origins about the robe bajug.

In Latin the robe is camisia which comes from the Indo-European language which means robe.

And the word camisia comes from the Greek language, kamision which is then absorbed in ugarit qms or clothing, and in Arabic qamis which means clothes.

Browse a Little About Pakistani Traditional Clothing

The Punjabi or Salwar Kameez dress is also popular among North Indian women, which consists of a long dress paired with a loose long trousers, and a matching head covering. Indian women also like to wear dupatta on their shoulders when wearing salwar kameez.

And now Salwar Kameez has undergone a lot of modification and development of creativity by designers, in which Salwar Kameez clothing consists of 3 pieces, a dress about knee length, pants and a long scarf.

In general, it is very similar to Muslim clothes that are easy to find everywhere, only the color is usually somewhat brighter.

But now the colors used are brighter, because they can create a youthful impression because the color selection can also get the impression that the clothes look more luxurious.

Salwar kameez is like a Bollywood artist’s shirt

And at the exhibition held in Pakistan, presenting a number of salwar kameez collections that were used did not originate from the land of India, even though the style of clothes was rich in Indian essence.

but these materials can still be guaranteed quality, color choices, models, and designs Salwar Kameez Fameyli inspired by Salwar Kameez that is currently developing in Pakistan and India.

And now many Pakistanis wear kalwar kameez clothes like Bollywood artists, because the clothes look more luxurious and better but they don’t change the original style of clothing.

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