Uzair Baloch confesses to recruiting young boys in his group

Uzair Baloch confesses to recruiting young boys in his group


KARACHI – Main culprit of Lyari gang war, Uzair Baloch confessed on Monday that his group recruited young boys to carry out different crimes including extortion.

According to the details, Lyari gang war that had been a symbol of terror in Karachi was using young, underage boys to threat traders and collect extortion money from markets. The leader of the gang war Uzair Baloch confessed during the investigation that his group hired young boys for spreading terror among traders.

The young boys working for the gang are named Shaukat Agha, Gulab, Shahid, Saleem, Shareef Baloch, Afzal Bawardi, Naveed Ladla and Mullah Tariq. The young lot of Lyari gang war collected extortion money from traders of Boulton market, Shershah market and Pan Mandi. The boys also locked the shops of traders for not giving the extortion money.

The young boys also used to open fire to spread terror and carry out hand grenade attacks on shops. The main characters of Lyari gang war were Baba Ladla, Ustad Taju, Ameen buledi, Wasi Lakho, Faisal Pathan and Mullah Nisar.

Sources said that Uzair Baloch is being investigated from all aspects.